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Faux Finish Painting offers a dramatic appearance but without the headaches often associated with other wall treatments. Easier to maintain than wallpaper and other wall finishes and much less work and expense to paint over when it is time for a new look. Faux finish creates the illusion of texture with the benefits of a smooth surface. The glaze gives the paint additional protection and is easier for cleaning off marks. Minor drywall repairs, priming before painting, caulking the trim and just good old fashioned 'care for what you do', always gives the best results by far. This project included installation of crown moulding, chair rail and baseboards plus door casings. The walls, ceiling and trim were primed, painted and caulked with the upper portion of the walls receiving a final faux finish top coat. Custom cabinets were also built for this room and tied into the custom moulding. This project was for a home in Ottawa.

Painting and Faux Finishes
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