Timmos 2000 Business Card Design

The Ultimate Designs Company has proudly provided a variety of graphic design services to Timmo’s 2000 for many years now. The Timmo’s 2000 logo and business card designs have evolved over time with this being the latest incarnation. Custom signs, flyers and personalized clothing sporting the various logo designs have also been completed. An older card design included raised black ink on a plain white card with a more ornate, art deco looking logo. This latest logo was designed to better suit the back image of a new set of work uniform T-shirts. The colors were inspired by some of the final shirts, which also became the driving design factors for his main portable sign. The Ultimate Designs Company does still offer some Graphic Design and Illustration services on a very select case by case basis. Custom business cards, signs, flyers and other stationary needs can be designed and professionally printed. Ultimate Designs can help with logo creation or with creative direction. All inquiries are welcome, especially if you are looking for something a little more creative and unique.

Graphic Design and Illustration
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Graphic Design Project Pages
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