Green Bathroom
Red Kitchen

The walls and trim for this 100 year old home were in extremely rough shape and required extensive restoration work. Everything was sanded and repaired, enough to bring it back to a reasonable standard without losing that old home feel that you just can't duplicate. Some minor flaws were intentionally left here and there on the walls and on the moulding to achieve this delicate balance and to keep these rooms looking consistent with the rest of the home. The dark red required a base coat before applying, in this case, 3 top coats to achieve the nice final appearance. The green also required 3 full coats to achieve a satisfactory finish. The bathroom had an old built-in medicine cabinet that was beyond restoring so it was removed and the wall repaired to blend in with the existing. Everything was evened out and a new decorative mirror was installed over the vanity. This project was for a home located in Ottawa.

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