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This interior home painting project included minor drywall repairs, priming, painting and caulking all of the walls and trim for the entire main floor, stairway and second floor including bathrooms and bedrooms. The walls for this entire townhome were originally painted all the same color. Some people are lead to believe that choosing different colors greatly impacts the painting expenses but the cost difference is really negligible. You would be far happier creating a different experience as you move from room to room. Even subtle changes in color make a big difference and will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your home. Great care is always taken to paint in a tidy manner. The idea is to improve your home, not destroy it. All flooring and furniture is either moved or covered. Attempts are always made to correct previous painting mishaps that have been left behind and would only take away from the appearance of a proper painting job. Ultimate Designs prides itself on providing high end results for each and every project. This painting project was for a home located in the Whitby Oshawa area.

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