Custom Fireplace Mantel with side cabinets
Close up of Fireplace Mantel Side Cabinet

Custom Fireplace with Side Cabinets This fireplace makeover started with a small fireplace opening in an overpowering plain brick wall. The desire was to have the TV and necessary media built into a new mantel surround structure that would have cabinets for storage built into both sides with everything tied together by wainscoting to facilitate cable runs across the face of the brick. All of the wiring is tucked away neatly within hidden but accessible chambers inside the cabinets. Accent lights were added to the columns beside the TV. Everything was given a weathered look, to create the illusion that the entire structure was original to this antique home, yet is completely fitted with the latest tech. Both of the side cabinets were also meant to look like stand alone furniture that was eventually tied into the mantel. Everything was fully painted a dark color before the cream color, then distressed for an authentically aged look.

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