Before Wainscoting and Faux Finish Painting Photo
After Wainscoting and Faux Finish Painting Photo

The before photo shows the original wallpaper, which was beginning to show a lot of unsightly minor tears and other damage from being in such a high traffic area. The wallpaper was completely stripped and these plaster walls were refinished, primed and painted. The faux finish colors were chosen to closely match the original wallpaper so that anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference. The base color is a very light blue and the top color is a darker blue grey mixed with the glaze, so the darker color goes on somewhat translucent and the two colors combine to make the final overall appearance, which is very close to the original paper. Custom wainscoting was installed along the stair wall. Wainscoting looks incredible when combined with faux finish painting. Eyes can’t help but be drawn to it. The upper hallway walls and ceiling were also repainted with standard solid colors. This project was for a home located in Whitby.

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