Moulding - Mitered Corner Close Up

Specializing in custom moulding installations that are completed with crisp, tight, sharp corners ever so slightly rounded to feel even nicer to the touch and to prevent chipping or other possible damage from occurring should anything ever strike a corner edge. Painted moulding is always caulked to the walls and ceiling to seal and conceal all gaps, that are especially visible with white trim. Nail holes are filled and sanded as are all exterior corners and interior corners. Solid wood moulding is almost always prefinished prior to installation. Special care is given to prefinished wood trim to minimize gaps as much as possible, since caulking in these instances winds up looking more unsightly. Corners are meticulously cut to achieve the tightest possible fit. Nail holes and other flaws are also corrected and concealed. Glue joints with clamps are often chosen whenever feasible for natural wood trim applications in order to achieve the best possible appearance.

Custom Moulding
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