Custom Podcast Studio Cabinet Close Up Before Image
Custom Podcast Studio Cabinet Close Up After Image

Custom Podcast Studio Before and after images showing off the rest of the studio gear, hiding behind the doors of the midsection. The doors are bi-folding with concealed hinges to reduce how much they swing out, when opening so close to the other cabinets. They are held closed with hidden rare earth magnets. The entire back is treated to absorb sound vibrations, wrapped in black felt, which also masks and hides all of the wiring that travels through the back. The broadcasting headset has a place to hang with its protruding mic. The mixer has enough room to see and access the various jacks. The Bridge-IT studio link is a half rack device that was custom fit into place. The vertical back passage cable run is hidden behind this right side, traveling the entire height of the cabinet. The small drawer can also be removed to allow for another half rack piece of gear, should the need ever arise.

High Quality Craftsmanship is the primary standard that Ultimate Designs strives for. Every project, large or small, is well thought out, well engineered, forward thinking and well built with extreme attention to detail. Corners are never cut for any reason. Regardless of your budget, we will always deliver something that will last and was well worth your investment of money and time. Our only goal is to leave you completely satisfied and perhaps a little hungry for more. If you demand excellence, then The Ultimate Designs Company is right for you.

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