Fireplace Side Cabinet during construction
Fireplace Side Cabinet fully finished and installed

Custom Media Storage Cabinet These before and after pics show one of the side cabinets that were integrated into an extensive fireplace makeover, which is tied together with wainscoting that also provides cable runs for all of the wiring including the electrical. The entire structure was for a much older home located on the shore of Lake Simcoe. Everything was to have an older, weathered look and to create the illusion that all of it was original to the home. The entire structure was fully painted in the darker “original” paint color before being fully “repainted” at some point with the cream color. The finish was then backed off and distressed to create a more authentic appearance of age. The insides were also fully painted the “original” color with only the outside being “repainted”. There is a hole in the top to allow charging cords with a custom built charging station to house a variety of portable devices, phones, tablets, etc. This is a shallow cabinet that sits on the hearth, equipped with full extension, soft close drawer slides.

High Quality Craftsmanship is the primary standard that Ultimate Designs strives for. Every project, large or small, is well thought out, well engineered, forward thinking and well built with extreme attention to detail. Corners are never cut for any reason. Regardless of your budget, we will always deliver something that will last and was well worth your investment of money and time. Our only goal is to leave you completely satisfied and perhaps a little hungry for more. If you demand excellence, then The Ultimate Designs Company is right for you.

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