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Podcast Studio Cabinet Opened Up

Custom Podcast Sudio Cabinet in solid maple with clear lacquer finish. The cabinet has a fully integrated 6u rack space for 19" rack mount audio equipment, fully ventilated for optimal performance. The mid section provides space for the mixer console and storage area to hang the headset. Above the mixer has a built in space for a half rack Bridge-IT studio link by Tieline. There is a small drawer in the space below the Bridge-IT that can be retrofitted for additional half rack equipment. The midsection can be closed off to reduce dust and to look less conspicuous in the living room. The doors have concealed hinges with a bi-folding action due to the tight amount of space to accommodate this cabinet. All of the wiring is channeled inside the cabinet, with a drawer and shelves below for storage. Since completion, an extension piece was built and added to the top of the cabinet to add 2 more rack spaces above with enhanced powered airflow rather than passive. Pictures coming soon!

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