Photo of stairs before custom modification
Photo of stairs during custom modification
Photo of stairs after custom modification

Custom Woodworking - Stair Lift Reversible Stair Modification Custom Woodworking can encompass all kinds of creative solutions and designs. This stair lift installation was impeded by the existing winder stairs. It was imperative that all changes be completely reversible. The original stairs are completely intact and untouched. The new landing was custom fit to be flush with the existing stair and is firmly secured in place along with its posts and railing. The lower two stairs along with the lower posts and railing are one complete unit which can be detached when necessary and safely slid out of the way. This was necessary to allow large heavy items to still go through the front door. The lower stair unit is otherwise firmly held in place with hidden screws and joinery.

The entire new structure is much stronger and far more secure than the original stairs. Everything was made to look like it was original to the house. The carpeting and stair lift were professionally installed by separate local contractors. Great care was given to meet the specific safety requirements of the client while still maintaining standard codes and best practices.

High Quality Craftsmanship is the primary standard that Ultimate Designs strives for. Every project, large or small, is well thought out, well engineered, forward thinking and well built with extreme attention to detail. Corners are never cut for any reason. Regardless of your budget, we will always deliver something that will last and was well worth your investment of money and time. Our only goal is to leave you completely satisfied and perhaps a little hungry for more. If you demand excellence, then The Ultimate Designs Company is right for you.

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