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Crown moulding was installed throughout the main floor hallway and the living room. The popcorn ceilings for these rooms were also fully primed and repainted to make them fresh and clean looking again, removing years of smoking damage. Painted moulding, especially white trim, is always caulked to the walls and ceiling to seal and conceal all gaps that are especially visible with white trim. Nail holes were filled and sanded as were all exterior corners and interior corners. This crown moulding and ceiling painting project was for a home located in Whitby. As you can see, every stage of the project was closely monitored! Special care is always given but most especially when small animals or young children are present to ensure everyone is safe from the work being performed. Project areas are also cleaned up at the end of every day to ensure safety and to prevent the spread of dust and other unwanted contaminants throughout the rest of your home.

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