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This tranquil backyard is beautifully elegant in its simplicity. The shrubs and plants along the back fence were chosen to be low maintenance, that require very little pruning through the summer and are very hardy. The interlock retaining wall was more for decorative purposes, although it does start to retain as the ground level drops away below the tree. It also makes for easier, less messy lawn cutting. The back garden is covered in river stone to prevent weeds. The original grass was beyond repair so new healthy sod was laid. Ultimate Designs does not offer large scale driveways, patios, walkways, large retaining walls, fences or decks as they are all better built by companies who specialize because they will have the expertise, experience, equipment and manpower to complete those types of projects in a much timelier and hopefully professional fashion. Small interlock jobs, modifications and enhancements to paths and gardens, are welcome. Creating interesting gardens and landscapes, or providing some direction to a home owner for a new garden by getting things started are the types of landscaping projects Ultimate Designs is happy to help with.

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