Fireplace Mantel Designs - Sketch of Custom Mantel with built-in curio cabinets on both sides

Wood Fireplace Mantel Designs This shows one of the more ambitious fireplace mantel ideas. The original fireplace is offset to the left, with a long wall of brick to the right, which is really the back of another fireplace that faces into the unit next door, as this is the center wall of a duplex. The curio cabinet has adjustable ¼” glass shelves with an open back, to expose the original brick which is painted an off color to make it stand out against the white, creating a really unique and interesting look. The curio also has some open shelves around the far side for books.

High Quality Craftsmanship is the primary standard that Ultimate Designs strives for. Every project, large or small, is well thought out, well engineered, forward thinking and well built with extreme attention to detail. Corners are never cut for any reason. Regardless of your budget, we will always deliver something that will last and was well worth your investment of money and time. Our only goal is to leave you completely satisfied and perhaps a little hungry for more. If you demand excellence, then The Ultimate Designs Company is right for you.

Custom Fireplace Mantels

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