Custom Cabinetry - Basement Bar and Home Theater Entertainment Center

Home Theater Bar Cabinet - Custom Storage Cabinets This custom bar cabinet now doubles as home entertainment center. The storage cabinets include space for media and they conveniently hide from view the unsightly water meter and electrical panel, which are still fully accessible. The original basement bar was replaced by the new main wall unit, so the bar fridge remained in place. An oak counter top was installed with extra coats of varnish for better durability.

High Quality Craftsmanship is the primary standard that Ultimate Designs strives for. Every project, large or small, is well thought out, well engineered, forward thinking and well built with extreme attention to detail. Corners are never cut for any reason. Regardless of your budget, we will always deliver something that will last and was well worth your investment of money and time. Our only goal is to leave you completely satisfied and perhaps a little hungry for more. If you demand excellence, The Ultimate Designs Company is right for you.

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