Botched Crown Moulding Before Photo Replaced Crown Moulding After Photo

This first photo shows the crown moulding that was installed by a previous professional contractor who clearly butchered the job. Every inch of the trim he installed looked exactly like this. The photos do not even begin to capture just how bad it really was. All of the original crown molding was beyond salvage so it was completely removed and disposed of. The walls and ceiling were repaired and brand new crown was installed. There were very few nails actually supporting the original crown as none of them had penetrated the concrete ceiling. Wood nailing strips were necessary to give the new moulding something to grip onto, so they were properly fastened into the concrete, around the entire perimeter prior to installation of the crown. Any and all evidence of the previous work was erased and put right. Baseboards and quarter rounds were also eventually repaired and replaced for this same Ottawa condo on a separate visit. It’s a shame bad workmanship like this is out there burning people but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Custom Moulding

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